ATLAS Industry Marketing (AIM) is a Manufacturer's Representative agency based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that serves as a professional liaison between quality manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of commercial and aerospace related fasteners and products. Our focus is calling primarily on industrial distributors and some Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's).


AIM is a regional Manufacturer's Representative agency for quality fastener product suppliers servicing the four states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Alan Lindahl is the President and Sales Manager, and he offers over 30 years of experience in regional territory sales and a strong background in fastener and hardware product sales.

Our principal companies are very diverse and include both domestic manufacturers, stocking manufacturers, stocking importers and overseas sources. Their products are very diverse and are used within a broad spectrum of industries including automotive, aerospace, construction, consumer products, electronics, energy (oil and gas, wind, solar), government/military, heavy equipment, medical, technology, and many more.


Representing quality organizations and products, and the offering of superior personal service and assistance is paramount in successfully meeting the needs and goals of our customers and of this enterprise. Our primary goal and objective is to serve as a premier sales and service agency dedicated to being a strong catalyst and facilitating force between our principals and customers.

By partnering with quality-driven organizations, our goal is to supply highly competitive and premium value-added products and services to our customers. Through the use of a positive, consistent, and interactive sales approach, we strive to be the preferred supplier representative and resource of products, technology, experience, and talent to the organizations and industries we serve.

Hiring us... A Win-Win Relationship

In today's market, you never know what you're going to get when you bring on a new employee, or in this case, a new agency. To find the right fit, you have to judge a person or company's past performance and experience by their recent track record, past accomplishments, and credible references. We hope that this "resume" provides you with a great reference tool to judge the job we'll do for you.

Industry and territory experience, a successful record of building sales and relationships, a focus on offering quality products and services, and a commitment to hard work, fair representation, and to meeting the needs of both customers and principals are just some of the positives AIM brings to the table. Obviously, we want your consideration and experience in hiring us to be a successful Win-Win relationship, and we want to assure you that we will deliver results.

What is a Win-Win relationship? It is a relationship in which both parties achieve their desired individual and mutual goals. How do we make this happen? By building synergy between our above average and select principals to form long-term and productive outcomes for all parties involved. We don't want to be just another agency with too many lines and not enough action on your behalf. We want you, and our mutual customers, to consider AIM as their most competent and productive representative agency.

So if you're looking for representation that is credible, reliable, productive and professional, ATLAS Industry Marketing should be your choice.

Need Manufacturer Representation?

Anyone who has been involved with the industrial fastener and supply business awhile can affirm that there is never a shortage of competition and potential suppliers, both domestic and foreign, to consider. So as a sales agency, distributor or an OEM, how do you choose confidently from all of the potential sources?

Our goal was to make this decision process easy, for both our customers and principals, by setting two primary standards. We seek out quality and service driven principal organizations that offer and are "focused on world class products and support." By using these criteria, we align ourselves with principals of a similar mindset and objectives.

ATLAS Industry Marketing is always interested in considering new opportunities that will enhance our product and service offering to our customers. Please contact us to discuss your representation needs and goals.

We subscribe to the MANA Philosophy and Code of Ethics.

  • Nearly 32 years of successful regional territory sales and account management
  • Heavy experience with servicing both distribution and OEM accounts
  • Emphasis on relationship building sales, customer service and support, and building new business and accounts
  • Excellent communication skills and problem solving abilities, and a commitment to delivering results


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